Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frame Your Valentine in Adjectives

Get out some construction paper and cut out a lot of hearts. Now ask your child to find a picture of someone that they love. Ask him or her to describe that person or by filling in the blank, "I love your because your are..." . Each adjective that your child uses can then be written on a heart.

Now glue the picture onto the center of the paper and glue all the hearts around it. You might label this picture "I love you because you are..." and send it as a Valentine.

Valentine FrameThis is a fun and easy project for children of many different ages and would be wonderful to do as a homeschooling project.

One year we make Adjective Framed Valentines for each of the members of our family. We posted them around the mirror in the bathroom. As we brushed our teeth we reread each of the adjectives and soon even our preschooler was able to point to the adjectives and read them.

Adjectives: A Valentine's Day Unit Study has many more hands-on learning ideas.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skip Counting in the Woods

Purple Trillium, Port Huron, Michigan, USA

Purple Trillium, Port Huron, Michigan, USA

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One day we were walking in the woods and saw a patch of Trilliums. We used that opportunity to practice Skip Counting. We counted each flower and in the end had discovered how many petals there were.

As you look for flowers this spring, don't forget to practice skip counting.