Friday, May 29, 2009

Frog Calls around the Frog Pond

When learning about frogs, children need many hands-on learning experiences to make their learning come alive. One day we were reading about the way that male frogs call to their mates in the early spring. We talked about how the male frog fills his vocal sac with air and then lets the air out like air being released slowly from a balloon. This discussion developed into the following game....

Male frogs call in the spring as they search for mates. Each species has it's own call.

...Frogs call with the help of a patch, or two patches , of skin called vocal sacs. These fill with air and act as echo chambers as that air passes over the vocal cords. The males do most of the calling, and the louder the sound, the farther it will carry to lure in females... -Discovering Amphibians by John Himmelman

Photo Credit: Down by the Frog Pond
in the Public Domain.

1. Divide the class into two groups, male and female frogs.

2. Pass out balloons to the male frogs.

3. The female frogs scatter throughout the playground, close their eyes and listen for the sound of the male frogs.

4. The the group of frogs with the balloons gather near water, blow up their balloons and start to make sounds by letting the air out of the balloons while stretching the neck of the balloons.

5. As soon as the females hear the males they hop over to the loudest one they can hear, tag that frog.

6. As soon as the male frog is tagged he stops calling.

7. The activity ends went all the frogs are paired and quiet.

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