Friday, May 1, 2009

Robin in the Rain was just awarded a Purple Star!

Purple StarRobin in the Rain!

just received a Purple Star !

Thank you Purple Star Squids for the honor of receiving a Purple Star!

Only a few purple stars are given out each week, to exceptional NEW lenses created by Giant Squids. Read all the goods and news about purple stars.

Robin in the Rain!

Robins are a Sign of Spring!
It's springtime and one of the most popular signs of spring is the robin. Robins, with their cheery tweets and bright red breasts stand out against the disappearing snow.

Cheerio, calls the robin as the rain starts to fall.

This lens is a unit study of robins that will get kids reading and writing, adding and investigating robins. Make up a robin dance or recite a robin poem. Put on your robin wings and fly on the wings of learning...

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