Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Frog Spawn Place Value

Frog Themed Place Value Workjobs 


Photo Credit: Frog and Toad Eggs
on Flickr, Creative Commons.

Frogs lay their eggs in clusters and toads lay their eggs in strings.

To practice place value:

1. Lay out a sheet of blue paper (Pond Mathmat) Cut it down the middle. On one paper write frog eggs and on the other write toad eggs.

2. Roll dice of two different colors. The black die could be the ones and the green could be the tens.

3. Use White Reinforcement circles to show the number in clusters (Frog Spawn) or in strings of tens and ones (Toad Spawn)

4. Write the number in digits on the back of each one.

Later on these papers could be laminated and become a matching game with the answers on the back for self-checking.

This is adapted from an idea in Instructor , March, 2001 by Jacqueline Clarke .

More activities with a frog theme can be found at: The Frog Unit Study

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